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About our products

Our holsters and belts are hand made and tooled from American quality, premium saddle cowhide, and are fully soft suede lined to protect your guns. We have a large stock of high quality ready-made rigs for immediate shipment.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, no questions asked. Return prepaid in original condition within 10 days for a full refund, less shipping.

The 'Gunslinger' is made in plain, smooth leather in a dark, rich Mahogany Brown color with 18 bullet loops, and is stocked in 22, 38/357, and 44/45 calibers.

The 'Ranger' and 'Vaquero' rigs have a hand tooled floral design, and each is unique. The 'Ranger' is Black and the 'Vaquero' is Buckskin Tan. Both come with 12 bullet loops, and are stocked in 22, 38/357, and 44/45 calibers.

The 'High Rider' is an 1880's Montana/Wyoming style no-drop belt and holster, with
18 bullet loops. These are available through special order.

Cross Draw Holsters are stocked in all of the same styles as our other holster rigs.
They can be added to our single rig, making it into a double rig, or worn with a
no-drop cartridge belt as a single rig.

Left-hand rigs are stocked in the 'Gunslinger' and 'Pistolero' styles only, in 38/357 and 44/45 calibers.
Other left-hand selections are special order.

Two gun Double Rigs are stocked in the 'Pistolero' style. Others are made to order.

Belts feature a low drop at the holster area (except for the 'High Rider' and
'Pistolero') so your guns will ride about hand high for a quicker, easier draw. Hand Molded bullet loops are matched to most gun calibers. Most regular waist sizes from 30" to 56" are stocked. Belts sized 48" and larger are slightly higher and may be a special order.

Holsters are the single loop style and are matched to your gun's size and length. They feature an adjustable hammer strap (to hold your gun in safely) and a leg strap (except 'High Rider') to hold it steady on your leg.

Special Orders may take 8 weeks or so.

There is no charge for exchange to another regular size.